Lectures & Conferences

. Health and Wellbeing through Art Making Online Short Course. UAL Central Saint Martins (2022)

. Social Art? SEAS & SAN founders in conversation. Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton (2021)

. Sheroes Activist Art Forum. London Festival of Ideas (2021)

. The Bergen Salons. Bergen Kommune (2021)

. Facing Death Creatively. BBC Radio 4 Four Thought (2019)

. Facing Death Creatively. European University At St Petersburg (2019)

. Truth-Dare-Art Social Practice Forum. Chapel Arts Studios (2019)

. Do you want to come outside and play? Outdoor Arts Festival Seminar – Freedom Festival, XTRAX and Creative ENRG (2018)

. The Power of Collectivity in the Arts. Social Art Summit, Key Presentation, Site Gallery (2018)

. When Art Sparks – Presentation at Migration Lab: Art On The Front Line, Art/Migration/Refugees. Counterpoint Arts, Dublin, Ireland (2016)

. R.M. Sánchez-Camus: Challenges of Socially Engaged Practice. ArtQuest (2016)

. Michelle Baharier, R. M. Sánchez-Camus and Rachel Anderson ‘On Our Way Here.’ Artangel (2014)

. Shared voices in Collaborative Practice – Presentation for Being Seen Being Heard, Chelsea Theatre Sacred Festival (2011)

. Co-authorship & Applied Live Art – Paper presentation for Authoring Theatre, Central School for Speech and Drama (2011)

. When Place Haunts Space – Paper presentation Theatre and Ghosts Conference, University of York (2011)

. The Capital of Time: Heidegger and Dogen on presence – Keynote Speech for Journeys Across Media Time Conference, Reading University (2011)

. Naples Flayed, Revealing the Layers in Performance and Community, Paper presentation Contemporary Italian Theatre Conference, Italian Institute of Culture, University of Central London (2009)

. Aesthetics and Applied Live Art, Paper presentation Theatre and Performance Research Association, Leeds University (2008)

. Assumed Identities, Invented History. Invented Histories, Assumed Identity. Workshop Presentation Objects of Engagement Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London (2008)