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100 Stars in the Sky

100 Stars in the Sky - 100 Tips for Artists

100 Stars in the Sky is a self-supporting mentoring tool inviting creative practitioners to choose a selection of tips as guides for any given project, situation or process. The collection of tips, or stars, becomes a personal constellation. Each tip comes with steps to help you reach that star. The aim is to help artists discuss how they can navigate creative projects involving audiences and communities without feeling overwhelmed. The collection is a shareable resource that helps us care for ourselves and one another.

Starting as a social media campaign then a printed deck of stars is available for mentoring workshops and purchase. Follow the stars!

Want to be a part of it?

Running throughout the 100 Stars campaign from August to November 2022 is our 100 Stars partnership project: A partner is a person or organisation who is linked to a specific star(s). A partner shares their experience working in social art in the written description of a post for a specific star. 

Being a partner helps to support better practice across social art and form a new language around co-creation through an artwork that can be shared by all who may engage in creative community development: from artists to community participants.  

We are welcoming new partnerships: if you want to get involved, please get in touch.

How was this developed?

100 Stars was developed through the research work of ALAS director R.M. Sánchez-Camus through his work in creative workshop delivery combined with 10 years working as part of a creative therapeutic team. Informing the work is also an interest in and research of First Nation knowledge from indigenous Latin-America as well as the North American and European health and wellbeing movement. 100 Stars is in no way affiliated to or informed by Recovery Star programme. As with all socially engaged projects this self-mentoring tool is also a process that welcomes collaboration and development into future iterations.

Want to download and print out you own constellation?

You can access each star as a downloadable JPEG here

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