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Coaching & Mentoring


Delivered by R.M. Sánchez-Camus (Marcelo)., PhD and certified in Executive Performance Coach.

Coaching is effective in overall learning and development from a self-directed perspective. You, the client, have the lived experience and know how but are seeking clarity and direction in changes you want and need in your work.

  • It’s essentially a non-directive form of development.
  • It focuses on improving performance and developing an individual.
  • Personal factors may be included but the emphasis is on performance at work.
  • Coaching activities have both organisational and individual goals.
  • It provides people with the opportunity to better assess their strengths as well as their development areas.
  • It’s a skilled activity, which should be delivered by people who are trained to do so. This can be line managers and others trained in coaching skills.


R.M. Sánchez-Camus (Marcelo).

Mentoring is a relationship in which someone with more experience shares their knowledge to support someone who is seeking guided development. It calls on the skills of questioning, listening, clarifying and reframing that are also associated with coaching.

I mentor master’s and doctoral researchers externally from the university system as well as professionals looking for a shift in their practice.


Fees are on a sliding scale on a base rate.

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