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Inner Rooms Inner Minds, London 2021

A social drawing project offering a glimpse into the challenges and uncertainties in managing mental health in times of Covid-19. 

The project provided a group of Londoners, who have chronic or long-term mental health needs, a space to explore their experiences of the pandemic and lockdown and how it may affect their personal wellbeing. The project gave a reflexive space to individuals, while also offering them the opportunity to be part of a larger voice of who we are as citizens of London. 

A series of workshops were delivered in the Spring of 2021. These were offered to the service users of Portugal Prints, Studio Upstairs as well as to self-referred individuals. The aim is for participants to feel that they are part of a larger network and their voices are being heard. 

Participants explored drawing as expressive marking to create a visual narrative of their own experiences. The process avoids voyeurism and disclosure but rather considers art-making as a site of care and sharing. The final artwork is a repeat pattern built from a collection of works made by the workshop participants.  

Commissioned by the Museum of London. 

With thanks to the participants:

Aislinn K, Alex H, Antonella F, Arfa M, angeltoad, Chris B, Claire E, D J K, David R, Edgar C, Eileen L, Eleanor B, Maria V, Maryanne T, Melissa N, Mirjana S, Murugeson P, Neeham S, Neil W, Paul T, Richard C, Rick F, Rosie H, Simona H, Sinead G, Stephen D, Tarick R, Toria L, Vera F, Zenon P