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Lotos Collective
Live Art & Immersive Theatre Company
London, UK

LOTOS Collective worked towards the creation of hermetic worlds in their scenographic practice, the delivery of a ‘total experience’ by immersing audiences in the themes and aesthetics of a work. LOTOS developed projects of time-based performance media, including live-art, film, video, and spatial design. Projects included the performance-installations Homebound in a residential site in East London, Prometheus Bound at ActArt4, The Last Ortolan at Nolia’s Gallery the productions of Tumor Foderato d’Infanzia in Palermo, Drabina Jacuba in Krakow, El Tiempo Indómito in Santiago de Chile, and Rag and Bone in Salzburg, as well as the short films Seki Lala and Missing.

Festival of Contemporary Performance at Camden People’s Theatre, 2006

Participating Artists: Apinya Anphanlam, Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, Yi Chen, Oliver James Hymans, Susana Contino, Patrick Furness, Marte Haug, Mari Hesjedal, Katerina Kanellopoulou, Reija Stenius, Rachel Thew
Jung Eun Yoo, Henna Yoon, Alyona Zadoya, Alessandra Zago
Music by: Giuseppe Lomeo