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The Bergen Salons: The Unrecognised Role of the Artist in a Social Setting, Bergen 2021

Ran by the Bergen Kommune, the Bergen Salons were three intimate virtual events for those from the international cultural sector to come together to explore the big questions of how to support equitable, holistic and sustained community flourishing. 

These Salons are part of an ambitious action-research programme called Creative Loddefjord and Olsvik (CL&O). Their goal is to re-think how communities, artists and the City of Bergen might work together differently to affect change at both a local and strategic City level. (Copy credit to Lucy Harper, Salon Co-Host). 

ALAS director RM Sánchez-Camus hosted the second of three events, titled ‘The Unrecognised Role fo the Artist in a Social Setting’ primarily asking;

What is the value artists bring to a community setting and what related qualities do we need to look for when seeking artists for the programme?⁠

How might an artist introduce themselves to, build trust and meaningfully engage with a city suburb in which they are ‘embedded’?⁠

How can artists in social contexts be best supported and developed?⁠