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Circolombia World Tour 2012 - 2013

Organised transport logistics, install management and venue liaison for world tour of 18-strong cast contemporary circus show Urban. Venues included the Broadway playhouse New Victory Theatre on 42nd Street, Womad Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia, Rio de Janeiro Circus Festival, and Auckland Festival in New Zealand. 

high-energy, high-attitude… this is circus but its bad, sexy, dangerous

Total Theatre


Urban is a portrait of the life of urban young people in Cali, incorporating both joy and violence, where dance and music are the safety valves of existence. It features performers of the Colombian national circus school Circo Para Todos: An inner-city initiative that gives under-privileged young people the opportunity to train in a circus academy and work internationally.

A true narrative based on the lives of the young cast; telling the world what its like in their reality, through their eyes, ears, and voices. They wrote the songs and sing their lives while performing incredible feats of circus acts. 

Originally developed in 2010 at the Roundhouse in London. 

This is a documentary turned into a music video featuring the Circolombia and their original song La Suizza.

I joined them on their Rio de Janeiro stop for the 1st International Circus Festival, which took place in the favelas of Rio. A new initiative to bring arts and culture the what is now termed: ‘comunidades pacificadas’ or pacified communities.

Directed, shot and edited by R.M. Sánchez-Camus