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Gods, Heroes, Man, Chaos
Charing Cross Window Gallery
Charing Cross, London 2006

A month-long programme of performance installation following the structure of Giambattista Vico’s Scienze Nuova or New Science, a philosophical tract of 1730 that posited the notion of an ‘ideal history’ consisting of three endlessly repeating cycles: Gods, Heroes and Man. Each revolution of three was followed by a cataclysmic Ricorso or return to Chaos.

Each week of the exhibition took one of these cycles for its inspiration. Gods, Heroes, Man, Chaos. 

LOTOS collective was a London-based artists’ collective working towards the creation of hermetic worlds in their scenographic practice, the delivery of a ‘total experience’ by immersing the audience in the themes and aesthetics of the work. LOTOS developed projects of time-based performance media, including live-art, film, video, and spatial design. 

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LOTOS Collective

Artistic Directors:
Alexa Reid
Jenna Rossi-Camus
R.M. Sánchez-Camus

David Matthews

Participating Artists:
Sarah-Jane Blake
Jung Eun Yoo
Katharine Fry
Hui-Lin Lee
Vali Mahlouji
Annette Schulze-Lohoff
Kentaro Shimura
Yuka Shimura
Henna Yoon
Oliver James Hyman

Central Saint Martins, Carolyn Longmore, John O’Hara, Semih Oskoseoglu, Ameneh Mahloudji
Anne Talantire, Rich Mix Cultural Foundation

Ralph Bogard
Stephen Braines
Dan Carling
Louisa Chadderton
Kate Cooper
Patrick Furness
Michael Linington
Dafne Louzioti
Kesty Morrison
Das Perez
Toby Purser
Gus Shafer
Francois Testory
Isa Tuzio
Ana Vilenica
Yu-Huan Yeh
Alyona Zadoya