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Journey to the Light
Lightship Frying Pan
Hudson River, New York City

Produced by the Coalition of Creative Artists, an artist collective that produced live performance happenings over 2 years in 2000 in response to the new millennium and in 2001 in response to 9/11. The work included live music, improvised painting, dance and installation art across the light house ship Frying Pan

The Rocco John Trio performed original compositions, whilst painters improvise a serialised painting, dancers improvise movements and audience interact in a series of kinetic installation rooms.

All the action is housed in the various rooms of Light Ship Frying Pan, a floating lighthouse moored off Manhattan’s Hudson River. The work explores creativity as a spiritual medium with which audiences can participate with artists and performers to develop a new immersive total live art experience.

Produced in 2000 and 2001

Installation guide

There are eight areas onboard where our installation artists have altered the environment in order to experience and interact with Spirit. These areas invoke the theme, supporting our “Journey to the Light” 

UPPER DECK: Stone circles hold the words of our journey creating a path for improvisational dance….

JOURNEY ROOM: In the past, one finds the future, in forgetting lies remembrance. Bank of the Lethe -River of forgetfulness. Performance and installation by Melissa Nicolardi

GARLAND ROOM: Touch ritual and discover light listening to prayers from around the world. Installation and live recordings by Roberto Sanchez-Camus

PROJECTION ROOM: Interpretations of the self projected by Jonathan Robles

TREE ROOM: Evolving throughout the evening the light tree lives the journey, by Will O’Halloran

MACHINE ROOM: 3-piece soundscape performed by Jay Carlin during intermissions: On Being.. On Loving… On Seeing… video projection by Melissa Nicolardi and Roberto Sanchez-Camus

CENTER SPACE: The Math Spider sits on his web, observing and learning as the events of the evening unfold.  His metaphorical journey of discovery told by creator Debbi Sutton.


Musicians: Rocco John Iacovone composer/alto/soprano/piano, Aaron Keane bass, Dalius Naujokaitis drums /percussion; Painters: Ava Barbour, Roberto Marcelo Sanchez-Camus, Denise Iacovone; Dancers: Teresa Heiland, Heather Lenahan  Installation Artists: Roberto Marcelo Sanchez-Camus, Melissa Nicolardi; Debbie Sutton, JayCarlin, Jonathan Robles, Will O’Halloran Storyteller/ Poet: Debbie Sutton, Daniel Marshall Lighting: William O’Halloran; Stage Manager: Kristi Ferrer Costume design: Jennifer Tisi

Lightships were used throughout the worlds seas and waterways from late 1700 to the mid-1900s and is a ship which acts as a lighthouse. They are used in waters that are too deep or otherwise unsuitable for lighthouse construction.